Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Bio

This is the New Bio on My New Website.

All About Venus

The Granddaughter of legendary Author Sallie Ann Clarke and western character actor and musician Rusty Lee, Venus is a multi-faceted star of The Arts in her own right.

She might call herself just a simple girl from Texas but Venus is no ordinary woman. The Texas born statuesque blonde beauty was rightly named Venus by her parents who instilled a love and appreciation for The Arts. She was one of those bright stars who began taking ballet at age 4 and recruited her brothers and cousins to perform theatrical shows for her parents. As early as 8 years old she was creating poetry and art and on her way to becoming an accomplished musician and dancer, all while excelling as an honor student. At the age of 12 she won her first award for art from the Hallmark Card Company and by 15 was modeling for local department stores. As a high school student she excelled in Literature, History, French Language and won first place in a Geometry competition. She helped her school win awards for music and dance and singularly won the prestigious honor of being one of thousands to win all blue ribbons for dance at SMU's summer drill team camp not just once but two years in a row.

Venus's achievements did not stop there. In college, Venus was a dean's list student and vice-president of a political club. Her college curriculum was centered on Literature and Creative Writing and it was during this time that she began publishing her poetry in literary journals and began winning awards for poetry. Her interest in history led her to archeology and museum studies in which she participated in the archeological excavation of Nance Farm, historic plantation and former home of baseball legend Mickey Mantle. It was however an art appreciation class that changed Venus's life, and ours, forever, igniting the spark that led her to becoming an accomplished artist.

In 2003 Venus expanded her already impressive repertoire to include acting, making her a full-fledged megastar of The Arts. She began acting in Dallas area community theaters in musicals such as "Damn Yankees" and "Best Little Whorehouse In Texas". She progressed as an actress into commercials for Radio Shack and Mary Kay and a number of feature films like "Blind Corner", "Confessions" and "Rain". Venus also received recognition at this time as a model, which she considers to be yet another art form, having been recognized on websites such as and the Domino Dolls Model Promotion Team being called one of the most beautiful and sought after women in the world.

It was not until 2005, amidst acting and modeling that Venus turned to what would become her greatest Completely self taught, she used her knowledge of Art History as her sole guide for painting, having no training as an artist whatsoever. The evolution of her art is no less than astounding. In only 5 years she has accomplished what is almost unthinkable, having created over 1000 works of art and having sold more than half of them to art collectors around the globe. As a budding artist, Venus has experimented with every style and medium imaginable from small scale miniature paintings to massive gallery sized paintings, photography, and sculpture. She takes her inspiration from her travels through life, nature, culture, emotion, and beauty in ways that create new and unique visual arts. In 2006 she participated in an all female art Exhibition in Dallas and has been perfecting her craft and selling her work both privately and via the internet. Her work has been featured in a number of blogs and art articles, as well as hundreds of features by some of the internets most popular art galleries such as Etsy, Deviant Art and others. What began as a curious whim has developed into a well-established career as an artist, one that promises to be a notably memorable one.

As if it wasn't enough to be such an accomplished renaissance woman of The Arts, friends and family as well as those in her community know her as being one of the kindest and most generous individuals they know. A true humanitarian at heart, Venus is known for being the first to lend a helping hand to friends and even to strangers in need. She has a rare appreciation for life and others that many fail to recognize or take for granted. Her sweet giving nature is acknowledged quietly and humbly though her lifelong interests in human and animal welfare have touched and impacted many lives. Today she is involved with a number of charities regularly that are very close to her heart, particularly those that aid women and children, animals and veteran and active military soldiers, to whom she donates a portion of every painting sale.

Venus is also an avid reader and book collector with scholarly interests that include American, Russian and British history, American Revolutionary and Civil War history, World War II history, politics, anthropology, and Classic Literature. She enjoys restoring antiques, learning about other cultures, gardening, traveling, fashion, decorating and cooking, is an expert genealogist, and studies art on a daily basis.

The irony that someone named after the mythical goddess of love and one of the most famous works of art in the world would become such a loving person and talented artist is touchingly prophetic. Venus is a truly rare and fascinating gem of the world. There is no one like her. Few can say they have accomplished as much as she has in an entire lifetime. As Venus's career as an artist continues to flourish with new works continually underway, her many talents as an artist and humanitarian prove to be of prolonged interest as to what she will do next and how she will impact our world. Undoubtedly, she is a megastar who possesses the means to become one of the legendary artists of our time.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I have 2 new videos out!

The first one is a photo montage of some of my paintings over the last six years. It includes Abstract Paintings, Collage Art, Impressionist Paintings, Pop Art Paintings, and Surrealism Paintings.


This second Youtube Video is Modeling Photo Montage of my modeling photographs.

You can see more of my photos and paintings on My Website at

Monday, August 2, 2010

"Eyes On Fire" New Painting Video

This is a Pop Art Painting I designed from an Angelina Jolie Photograph.
I painted it using Hot Pink, Burgandy Red and Purple paint. I used a little bit of white with the purple for the eyes but there is no black in it.
The music in the video is called "Eyes On Fire" by Blue Foundation.


30 X 40

This painting has since been sold but you can see more of my Pop Art Paintings on