Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cowboys and Cowgirls of Texas

Some recent photographs I took in the Stockyards of Old Fort Worth. I was born here. It's otherwise known to locals as Northside or Cowtown and this is where they say "the west begins". It's very much a tourist destination where you will see a lot of tourists but also locals and real Texas cowboys. There are a lot of bars, restaurants (oh yes, real Texas barbeque!), genuine western stores, historic hotels and a full size train ride you can take. It's fun for both adults and kids and is the one must see destination when you visit Texas!

This little girl riding the horse was my favorite photo of the day. The horse wasn't turned on but she was riding like the wind.

Bull and Cowboy where you can have your photo taken sitting on a bull.

Cowboy and Cowgirl in the Train Depot

Cowboy Boots for sale 

Cowboys having their boots shined

Mechanical Bull Ride

Original part of the old train depot

Stagecoach ride for tourists

Gunslinger, cowboy reenactor 

Little girl having her picture take on a live bull

Reenactors for a street wild west show

This Coliseum is where they hold live rodeos

Cowboy hats for sale