Monday, March 29, 2010


This is a very large gallery sized painting and took several days to complete. It has the theme of traveling.  I drew the deer from a photograph I took of a deer at a wildlife preserve. I loved the pose of the deer and drew it with graphite pencil. Then I roughly painted the deer allowing the graphite to show through. I wanted to do something different and modern. I wanted this to have a rustic look with the rough and drippy rust and copper colored paint. I love how the turquoise antlers stand out and I outlined them with hot pink. I enlarged part of an old French Postcard, added the large sun and silhouette of the vintage airplane. I mean for the soft blue and green swipe of color to represent a river and grass along a river. Finally, I sealed it with a light varnish to protect the graphite.


40 X 48.

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