Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Angel Of Mercy" July 2013 Featured Painting

I love painting Surrealism. And this is one of my favorites I've painted. It is an original and is one of a kind. The painting measures 16 x 20 inches. It is Acrylic on canvas and was painted in about a week. The most challenging part of the painting was the background. Transitioning the background from dark to light smoothly is difficult with acrylic because the paint dries so fast. I do not use any other mediums to thin the paint except water. I find many of the chemicals in other mediums too harsh to work with. This is one of the paintings that I sometimes begin and don't know exactly what I'm going to paint or what its about. Sometimes it just comes to me as I'm painting. I knew I wanted to paint a woman who was represented by a tree. The title came to me as I was painting it. It is about how, with God, even when you are stripped of everything, you can still be a proponent of love. This is represented by the heart hanging from the tree. She is an "angel" giving mercy and kindness to others in an often barren world. God is represented by the North Star and is her guiding light to be an example of his love.

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