Saturday, July 23, 2011


My heart is utterly crushed. Today we lost another beautiful artist way too early.... and to what?..... drugs and alcohol. It makes me angry. And it makes me feel robbed...robbed of the beauty that her kind of talent gave to the world. Let's face it, this world can be an ugly place, and the more things we can find to make it more beautiful, the better. Music is beautiful. It gives people peace, comfort, joy and happiness. And to be robbed of more of what she could have given to so many people, yeah, it makes me angry.  I am tired of the world losing beautiful people this way.....

To be honest, I never heard one of her songs until today and when I did, I was blown away. I have heard of her, but had not heard her music. How can it be that I have never heard the music of someone who won 5 Grammys? I've heard most everything! Maybe they don't play her music on the radio here, or maybe its because in the time of her rise and fall I have been painting and somehow missed out. But whatever the case, I am sad that I did not get to enjoy her music while she was alive, but now that I have discovered it, I realllllly love her music and I think I will be a fan for life.

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