Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vincent Van Gogh

22 X 28

I am soooo excited about this painting of Van Gogh. An art god whom I worship. I don't always like most of what I paint but this one I love. I painted it from one of his self portrait paintings. But I rarely copy. If I reproduce another artist's work, I like to make it my own in some way. And I consider this to be pop art because of its implication of realism while incorporating flat color. Sometimes (or most often) I don't know exactly how I am going to construct a painting, but enjoy an intuitive process of letting the painting and its style reveal itself to me. I chose the colors as I went. And because I am such a huge fan of Van Gogh's I love bold color. I chose yellow as the background because it is a complementary color to blue. I think it sets off the painting so well I can't imagine any other color. I like this style so much I intend to paint more portraits in this style. It feels loose and quirky, has a sense of realism without being perfect. I don't like perfection in my paintings. (If I want perfection, I'll just take a photograph!) I sometimes find more interest in the quirks and like the 'impression' of an idea rather than the blatant statement of it. I am after all a fan/follower/worshiper of the Impressionists and Post ode to Van Gogh. Can't wait to paint him again and other portraits in this style. :)

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